Make Your Own Music [Tweak][App]

If you’re like me you might require soft background music for your day to day tasks, be it studying, coding, cooking or even sleeping. Of course our saviour Chilled Cow is always there with its constant 24×7 lofi hip hop music supply. But there are times when it also leaves you for wanting more and that’s why I’m sharing A Soft Murmur. This website/project/app from Gabriel Brady allows you pick a wide variety of ambient sounds and play them to your liking. Click below for the links to the website and respective apps.

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Video Games [Comic]

Relatable isn’t it? All credits to the artist schrubs_comics.

4 Years Later…

“Humans are a social being.”
This line would’ve been a perfect start to an essay back a decade, where you could go on explaining how the society around you affects oneself. But in this day & age I doubt you’re required an explanation. We thrive on being connected and the moment we’re not, we might not feel like ourselves. The promise of meeting you virtual friends over a game tomorrow at the exact same time, the commitment to check out every upload of your crush the moment it hits Instagram, sharing your lifestyle through a day-lived status update, such actions are trivial to be found in ones daily drama called life.

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Sausage Party (2016) [Movie]

Explore the great beyond!

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy

The last time you went to a supermarket did you ever stop to wonder what would those tiny little items over the shelf would think if they had a conscience? Or are they just non-playable characters in the current simulation that we’re a part of? No, of course you didn’t! You only think about yourself. Shame! Shame! Shame!

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Google Opinion Rewards [APP]

Are you ever caught at the juxtaposition where you want to buy some app from play store but your bank balance doesn’t let you? If yeah, Kernel Ketchup comes to your rescue again. All you have to do is install this app, answer some survey questions, and et voilà! purchase anything you want from play store from the credit you receive, be it a nice book, a newly launched game, even rent a movie, and heck even pay for YouTube premium as I do!


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The Book of Life (2014) [Movie]

Live, Love, Die, Repeat!

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

There are some movies which which make you giggle, some which make you lose a teardrop or two, some for which you wanna grab a whole box of tissues 😥 and some on seeing which your inner Shakespeare whispers in faint voice, “Ah, Thou art beautiful!”. J. K. Rowling showed us what it means to have the gift of love. George R. R. Martin changed the meaning of the word valiant for us altogether. This one, The Book of Life, is a sweet, funky & colourful movie which tries to do both and leaves you with a smile at the end.

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Taba Chake – Walk With Me [Music]

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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist [Video Game]

You know the franchise did something right if even after 7 years of release of its last instalment you find yourself living your past again. Such was the experience when I re-installed the game again this year to quench my thirst of stealth games. Seriously, why don’t they make such games anymore?

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Band Of Brothers [TV Series 2001]

When they played their instruments, the audience would die of awe!

Rating – 4.5 Ketchups

There are shows which make you laugh, some that excite you, some which make you shed a tear or two, some which keep you on the edge of the seats until the creators manage to crap up the well established story-line in the last season. And then there are some gem of a show that might have eluded you eyes for so long. You know where I’m getting at. If you haven’t… go watch this already or continue reading if you’re not so easily convinced.

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