Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series 2016– )

       A New Year Treat From DC.

Rating: 3 Ketchups

maxresdefault (1)

Interested in Si-Fi or Comics? If any of those rings a bell in your mind then this article is worth reading. This year CW and DC decided to add another show after the success of Arrow and The Flash, named Legends of Tomorrow. I’m sure you haven’t heard of this team-up of superheroes as it is completely new even for DC universe followers unlike the Birds of Prey or Suicide Squad.

The show is broadly based on time travelling. The team of heroes include familiar faces if you’ve already been watching Arrow or The Flash like the Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Heatwave. It also introduces some new one’s like the Rip Hunter, a rouge time-traveller portrayed by English actor Arthur Daredevil. The series premièred on 21st January this year on The CW. As the trailer depicted, Rip Hunter is forced to form a team of Superheroes because of the threat that Vandal Savage becomes in the future. Yes, the immortal devil who was the antagonist in the movie Justice League: Doom and also appeared last year on the parent TV shows Arrow and The Flash. And one thing which I really liked in the first 15 minutes of the two episode based pilot that I doubted how these heroes are going to travel through time without altering the future if they are so much of a legend in the future or precisely 2166. It was cleared by Rip Hunter’s statement that none of the members of the team do anything significant in the future i.e. if they alter the time the result won’t be catastrophic as they are barely worth mentioning in the timeline of future. Knowing this the heroes decide to change their fate for better or for worse; (remember the rouges like Captain cold and Heatwave are there too). The Pilot features many jokes; a few of them were good too. And it is later revealed that the show’s story is just based on selfishness of Rip Hunter as his family is killed by Vandal Savage in future which further deteriorates the watching experience. All in all I’m not going to spoil the pilot too much for you, know that the show is probably 13-episode based series and is a must watch if you’re a die hard DC fan or want to experience time abusing to its fullest. The casting of the show is appropriate and if you hated hawkman’s character (or you will hate after watching first episodes nanny drama) you will be happy to know that he is killed by Savage himself in the second pilot episode, so only one hero with wings remains same as the good ol’ days or cartoon network. Overall the series looks promising therefore I rate it 3 ketchups out of 5. Happy Watching.



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