Clear Hidden Files Eating Your Space in Custom Roms

After installing Cyanogenmod 12.1 or any custom rom if your storage is not summing up properly then you should try this fix.Screenshot_2016-02-06-21-23-17

After installing Cyanogenmod 12.1, my phone’s available and used space were not summing up properly. I was getting only 2.38 gb available though the used space was 5.56 GB out of 11.19 GB. After doing the math I realised I should be getting  5.63 GB space. To fix this below are the steps I performed.

  1. Install the app ‘DiskUsage‘ and scan your internal storage.
  2. In my case a folder from root directory was eating my space ‘Device/Data/Core’.

3. After giving root permissions to ES File Explorer I deleted all contents of Core and tadaaa I regained my space back.



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