Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014) [Movie]

Animation, Physics, Wit & Insightful Comedy

Rating-4 Ketchups


Need I go on ? I think I have created enough buzz for you to watch this movie. To give a little more encouragement I assure you nobody will teach you to mess with with timeline as this movie does in a totally humorous way.

As the title suggests the movie is about Mr. Peabody, a smart, brilliant, noble award winning dog and his adopted human son Sherman. Things go off the track when Sherman tries to use Mr Peabody’s way back (Time Machine) to prove his point to Penny (Sherman’s classmate). Great personalities from the past will also amaze you in this adventure. It’s all I can tell without spoiling the movie for you. You are absolutely free to fire away your feelings about this movie in the comments section.

PS: Don’t be amazed if you find a dog speaking heavy scientific vocabulary like “Space Time Continuum.”


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