Ryse: Son of Rome [Video Game]

Rating -4 Ketchups

Okay, So you’ve watched Lord of the Rings or Spartacus or Gladiator and a rush of blood is flowing through your veins to fight an army ,If Yes ,then this game is perfect for you.

Based on the medieval period of time this game portrays Marius Titus a young Roman soldier as the main character and hero of Ryse: Son of Rome. You will play as Marius in third person mode and completes his epic journey seeking revenge of his father’s death.  Follow him through the woods, castles ,sea and battle arena where you showcases his bravery. Graphics are impressive and the game shows a lot of violence and gore (who can miss it now!). Some of his legendary battles are astonishing as he fights with his sword and parry with shield. You’ll require a pretty good system to run this game although the average ones can also run it on low quality.



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