Daredevil (TV Series 2015– )

Blinded Batman, Not Really

Rating-4 Ketchups


“Seriously dude? A Blind Superhero! That sucks bro”. I thought the same about this fellow Matt Murdock but boy was I wrong. His loss of visions came with a tradeoff, his remaining senses were enhanced to a superhuman level and he got his own TV series in 2015 on Netflix. Marvel did an amazing job brining this superhero to light after doing a flop show on the box office back in 2003. Also, Marvel showed that they aren’t the teletubbies of shady superhero realm. They handled this dark toned show very well. And the viewing experience is set ablaze by impressive performances from the actors.

I would only request you to watch the pilot because after that you will have a hard time resisting yourself.After Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, Stephen Strange…. Its time to add Matt Murdock to your list of Stan Lee’s character names with same initials.. Don’t forget J. Jonah Jameson Jr though. 😛

If you have faith in me do watch the show and in case you don’t then show your anger below in the comments. I’m well ready to take anything, after all I’m a fan of The Man Without Fear. Happy Watching.

PS : For viewers who have already watched season 1 here’s the Trailer 1Trailer 2 and Trailer 3 for Season 2.





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