Ex Machina (2015) [Movie]

Siri captured in a body, calamity guaranteed.

Rating-4 Ketchups


Ever cared about Artificial Intelligence? I’m pretty sure you think of it as a mean to ease up your life. I want you to hold that thought and take a Turing Test. Why the face? Chill buddy. It’s no rocket science, in actual it’s much greater.

This movie is about a guy name Caleb, who is a programmer by profession in a big firm. One day he gets selected to spend a week in a remotely located private property of Nathan. There he meets Ava (Alicia Vikander), after which he faces some peculiar occurrences which I’ll leave on the movie to tell you because that would be a big spoiler. Just indulge yourself in this psychological thriller British film and I assure you it would be the best 110 minutes ever spent.



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