Lego Marvel’s Avengers [Video Game]

Rating-2.5 Ketchups

Lego Avengers was my first Lego game as after hearing a lot about them, I thought of giving it a try. This game is basically a depiction of Avengers: Age of Ultron and the gameplay is pretty much identical to the movie. Objective is simple ,you’ve to build various things from Lego blocks to proceed to the next level. I had high expectations from this game but sadly it didn’t impress me much. Most of the time in the game I was clueless about what to do next and the tutorials weren’t helpful either. Only good part of this game is Avengers and its fun for kids.

So the final verdict “Did I enjoy this game?” Yes most parts of it ,”Do I recommend it?” NO you can definitely skip it if you’ve better games to play.


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