Silicon Valley (TV Series 2014– )

 So you think your life is awkward, watch these guys.

Rating -4.5 Ketchups


Gather round everyone, finally it is time to reveal something that might have been hidden away from your eyes. Computers, programmers, java, start-up, leap of faith, realizing the girth and true multitasking , let me stop right here, I know your heartbeats are rising. One question, do you know how much time it would take you to jerk off every single person in a seminar hall, I bet No, but certainly these guys do. Yeah! I’m still talking about programmers here.

Welcome to the world of these weirdos! Silicon Valley. Mike Judge using his experience from the 80’s is once again giving a voice to the voiceless through a comedy series based on the life of six programmers who compete with others to create the world a better place. Things go interesting when Richard Hendriks’ (played by Thomas Middleditch) compression algorithm is noticed by CEO’s of leading tech giants and they try to lure him to their side. It is often said that handling success ain’t an easy job and it’s presented to you in a humorous way, undoubtedly. The show’s main characters includes a shy, reclusive programmer, a supremely confident entrepreneur, a Canadian illegal immigrant, an Asian guy having acerbic and sarcastic personality, a business advisor and a dull-witted friend who gets noticed for no special talent. Believe me, this combination is amazing and more fun is the writing of the show. That’s what makes it the best comedy show I’ve watched in recent times. Also the 1/2 hour episode made it more restless for me and I watched the whole season in one go. The series premièred in 2014 and 2 seasons have come to pass. Make sure to watch both seasons before the third one comes out this April. Happy Watching!

PS : For viewers who have already watched season 2 here’s the Teaser for Season 3.


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