NBA 2K16 [Video Game]

Rating-3.5 Ketchups 

Whenever a new sports game is released a little part of me prays to god “Please don’t Suck” because over the years except FIFA no other sports game franchise has been consistent in providing a bug free experience. NBA too has some pretty rough years but this year they’ve not failed to impress me. Though there aren’t any drastic changes but the gameplay and graphics has improved marginally. Players look almost real and the amount of detailing they’ve done is also impressive. This year 2K has improved game dynamics a little which are easily noticeable if you’ve played past NBA games. Players now don’t passes the ball perfectly and interception is seen quite often. Slam dunks looks just amazing (if you manage to score) and it will take some practice to perfect the three pointers. 

Now comes the bad, 2K has messed up the controls this year and I wouldn’t be able to master them without the help of YouTube tutorials. Also there was lag here and there. During my online play, sometimes I faced random disconnection too.

If you’re a basketball fan then surely you’ll love this game besides a few drawbacks. It is so much realistic and playing different modes (Career , Blacktop , My Team , My Gym) is fun.



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