The Internship (2013) [Movie]

Legend says they work for Microsoft now.

Rating-3 Ketchups


Here it is, your dream of experiencing an internship at Google or your fantasies of watching Dylan O’Brien in glasses coming true in a must-see techno comedy, The Internship. Also including the dynamic duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, a lot of geeky-nerdy stuff is awaiting your appraisal. The story is based on two grown ups finding it difficult to sustain their jobs in this ever-changing technological era. Things go interesting when they apply for an internship at the tech-giant Google and find their survival chances shrinking to zero among other brilliant interns.

Recommending you to watch at least once, even if you’re the farthest thing from Computer Science genius, I’m sure at the end you’ll learn something new.

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