The Croods (2013) [Movie]

Only if she had an iPhone, she never would’ve left the cave.

Rating -4 Ketchups 


Hallelujah folks, Let’s rewind our timeline for a while, mom, cats, home, school, honest, reciprocal, psychology, juxtaposition, contradiction. That’s how we evolve, and it’s all that the movie is based on. This movie recalls your fear of the thought during maths lecture that anything new is dangerous. This Animated DreamWorks and 20th century Fox Movie production is based on a family living in a pre-historic era and following a monotonous lifestyle. Things go out of the bounds when the lead of the film, Eep, decides to follow her own curiosity and leaves the cave for a while following which a series of events destroys her cave. After that, the family goes on for a journey to a mountain which they believe will be safer and during that journey the things they discover transforms them profoundly.

The movie packs many humorous scenes along with some serious message for the viewers. If Mr. Peabody & Sherman haven’t taught you enough history ,then The Croods have some more in the basket. Now not going to spill the beans for you but instead request you to watch the movie if you haven’t already, but if you have, fire away in the comments section how do you feel about it.



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