Office Space (1999) [Movie]

A hypnotised employee is a dangerous employee.

Rating- 3.5 Ketchups

Office Space Kernel Ketchup

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU HATE YOUR JOB…OKAY ! You can put it down now. Let’s discuss Office Space, it’s a black comedy film about a guy who is tired of his dull job. Peter Gibbons working in a software company is fed up of working in a cubicle and forced working hours assigned by his boss. He likes a girl Joanna (played by Jennifer Aniston) who is a waitress in a restaurant, but he’s a chicken when it comes to expressing his feelings. His life takes a drastic turn when during a hypnotherapy session things didn’t go as planned and he goes into a relaxing mode.

Afterwards, with his colleagues he makes a plan to steal from from his company which leads to some more unanticipated circumstances. I will leave it here without any more spoilers. Watch it if you like satirical comedy as there aren’t big LOL scenes but some good mockery of office culture.

           Bonus Fact

Office Space Kernel Ketchup 1

This famous meme of Gary Cole (portrays Bill Lumbergh the stingy boss) is from this movie.



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