Rise of the Guardians (2012) [Movie]

It’s Boogeyman vs Kid Avengers

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Rise of the Guardians Kernel Ketchup

No Sir! No! It has got nothing to do with either ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ or ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It’s something great that went unnoticed at the box office despite having impressive storyline and direction. The movie encourages you to believe in Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, Sandman, Santa or collectively known as The Guardians.

Our heroes struggle when Pitch Black tries to gain control over children’s thoughts leading them to lose their faith in Guardians. Not to be confused with a children’s fantasy tale, this movie packs some great adventures capable enough of giving you goosebumps. Be it in the little elves or the giant yetis, you’ll find quality humour too. Happy Watching.

PS: You won’t find a bunny with Australian accent or a Santa with Russian one elsewhere




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