How to Upgrade to Official Windows 10 on Lumia Phones

Calling out all the Windows Phone users around the globe. There has been enough hoopla around the web for about past 4 months regarding the update for older Lumia Phones. But since you are here regarding this; it only means one thing, shit just got real. Yeah, after being tight-lipped about the update Microsoft silently released the windows 10 update. To download the update follow these steps:

For Phones Running Windows Phone 8.1

1. To make sure the update is available for your phone, download the app ‘Upgrade Advisor’ from the store.

2. Follow the steps as shown in the screenshot below. Remember to check the box which is mentioned as ‘Enable Windows 10 update’.

3. If you managed through above two steps, good news, update is available for your Lumia. Now go to settings->phone update->check for updates. And voilà! the download begins.

Windows Phone 10 Kernel Ketchup5

4. It should take about 1-2 hour in total to install the update (depending on the number of apps you have installed). And as soon as it completes, Embrace Yourself!

For Phones Running Windows 10 Developer Preview

1. Enjoyed your time as an insider? Time to go back home. You need to revert back to Windows phone 8.1 to be eligible to download the update. For doing so you should have a PC with good internet connection.

2. Download the application ‘Windows Device Recovery Tool‘ from Microsoft’s official website. Install it.

3. Connect your phone to the PC using data cable. Open the software on PC. Follow the instructions till you find the box labelled as Reinstall Software.

4. After clicking the button, files for recovery will begin downloading (1-2 GB in size).

5. Your phone should restart after some time with Windows phone 8.1 at its heart.
Time to perform a surgery now. Follow the instructions for the previous heading now.

Feel free to ask any query regarding the update or using Windows 10.


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