How To Protect Email From Spams By Using Temporary Email Address

Many people are using a couple of Email ID’s nowadays to protect their main Email address from spams or maybe for different reasons. But still a majority of us simple souls uses one Email ID and quite often are reluctant to use it in many places. For example, for a quick sign up on a website you just landed of nowhere but have no plans to use it again other than just this once. For a quick solution you can use Temporary Email ID’s at such websites and say goodbye to Spams. These are pretty straight forward to use, you’re given a temporary Email address and a linked inbox to that, use that Email wherever you want. Please note that some of these websites delete the Emails after some time so store or remember the login credentials if you plan to login again. I’ve listed a few of them below for you to checkout but there are many of them available out there.

1. GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail Kernel Ketchup

2. 20MinuteMail

20MinuteMail Kernel Ketchup

3. Temp-Mail

TempMail Kernel Ketchup

4. 10Minute Mail

10MinuteMail Kernel Ketchup

5.  YOPmail

YOPMail Kernel Ketchup



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