The Revenant (2015)[Movie]

Too Much Saliva!

Rating- 4 Ketchups

The Revenant Kernel Ketchup

I wouldn’t have thought of writing a review of a movie this recent but hey, I see no reason for not going with it. So Yes! Leo won Oscar for it and Internet went crazy, me too a little. That guy had been working his ass off for that golden toy and he totally deserved it, despite of what some haters going to say and suggest their best actors.

Now talking about the movie, it is kind of a hit and miss. The story revolves around the tribes of somewhere, living in colonies, stealing each others shit and killing rival tribes. Our guy Leo is a frontiersman and while traversing the wilderness, he gets attacked by a grizzly bear and gets severely injured, almost dead and hence comes the name The Revenant. Things go down the bitter path when one of his fellow hunting guy kills his son in front of his eyes and abandons him to die, although that guy was assigned to take care of him. So what next can you expect? Leo survives and seeks revenge afterwards and that’s all the movie is about.

The movie does get a little predictable often times, or may be because I’ve watched a lot of Man vs Wild, no seriously, he uses few survival skills Bear Grylls has taught me like taking shelter in a horse skin. The movie showcases plenty scenes of killing , bloodshed and gore. And though I am not a technical person or anything like that but the camera angles from this movie is shot are outstanding. The close up shots of people riding horses and shooting each other are brilliant. If you follow chat shows you might be knowing about all the hardwork the director and the whole team has put into making this movie. I would definitely recommend it, after all it was an Oscar nominee but if you think people speaking tribal language and not English few times is boring you may skip it. NOO! don’t skip it, though it was quite a long movie, but still it was amazing.

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