Yandex Launcher [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Introducing you people to my newly favourite launcher that I’ve been using from last week and totally loving it. Yandex Launcher might doesn’t sound great, but it sure makes your home screen looks great.
  Highlighting features are listed below:
1. Swipe left for a magazine like page which they call as Zen. You can select from plenty of news websites and topics.
2. Marshmallow like vertical scroll drawer and sideways swipe is also their for categories which is customizable.
3. Neat clock and weather widget.
4. 2 Themes are available, dark and light.
5. Swipe down for search in app drawer and at home screen for recent contacts, app and Google Search
6. For quick search you can tap on the color dot same as the app, at the bottom of
app drawer.
7. You can change folder background color.



If you like this launcher, why not give HomeUX a try.



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