The Intern (2015)[Movie]

Don’t tell Batman what Catwoman is upto these days.

Rating- 4 Ketchups

The Intern Kernel Ketchup

When was the last time you watched a movie where everything was in a happy land and nothing tragic or over the top drama is happening throughout the movie. Well, I can’t say about you but as far as I can remember I can’t think of any name. Even the Disney movies which are supposedly for “kids” packs so much drama which even an adult finds hard to digest.  The Intern is a type of movie after watching which your face has an oddly satisfying smile. I may be exaggerating here, but that is what I felt after watching it.

The Intern starring an odd cast of Robert Di Niro and Anne Hathaway, is a lucid, sweet & simple movie. It’s a story of Ben Whittaker (Robert Di Niro), a retired executive of a phone book company and Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), founder of an online clothing company. Ben joins as an intern in Jules’s company through their program of hiring senior interns. Things get interesting when Jules seeks Ben’s companionship to sort out her tangled life between work and family. The movie packs plenty of funny scenes for a good time such as the Ben’s co-worker trying to teach him setting up his facebook account or their little escapade of deleting an email from Jules mom’s computer. Don’t be confused with The Internship, The Intern is more fun to watch.




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