World of Goo [Video Game][APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Of the many great deeds my teenage consisted of, one of them was indulging myself in this awesome piece of creativity. Such is the impact of this incredible game that you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself applauding the sign painter (the closest thing to narrator the game has). The fun, the challenge, the implication, the symbolism, the jurisdiction, the condensation, the fragmentation, seems like you got me exaggerating but tbh I was serious till the symbolism part, the game has it all.

The gameplay is quite simple, you’ll easily grasp it (Joining goo balls is not Nuclear Physics). It might seem like just another puzzle solving game to you at first but have a little faith the storyline is pretty catchy too and those soundtracks throughout the many chapters is enough to give you eargasms. The game has been around for quite some time, about a decade to be fair but still has gone unseen by many, but no worries because that’s what Kernel Ketchup is for, bringing back the best from bushes. Back then I played it on my PC but as I see it now 2D boy (yeah, I forgot to introduce the game developer) decided to bring it on android platform as well. Whatever platform you choose be sure to tell me your thoughts about the game.


Android     iOS     Demo for Windows, Linux and Mac



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