The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)[Movie]

Give the man some privacy, it’s his secret life.

Rating- 3.5 Ketchups

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Poster Picture Kernel Ketchup HD

Hakuna Matata, those two words were the driving force for me for a few days now. Then after a few days in the fantasy world, I came back to my senses to write about a movie that is all about changing the way you live. Talking to your crush in a charming way or throwing your boss out of the office building, yeah! we all are a dream machine in our own way, but how often do you think we can use this escape route? all you need is a little push and this movie might make you rethink your vision about life.

The story of a man name Walter Mitty who took daydreaming to a next level. After losing his job, instead of getting distress, he actually started living and doing things he wouldn’t be doing if he’s still captured in that cubicle. He pulled a helicopter rescue, rode skateboard down the hill, witnessed an endangered species and much more, and the cool part was he’s so chill about it. This simple yet amazing movie will totally tickle your adventure worm to go out and do stuff coz that’s the reason we all are given life, to live (and yet I am running this stupid blog).
Ben Stiller as actor and director was star of the show. Apart from what these critics say, to me it’s a must watch irrespective of age. The movie will surely give you goose bumps at many places and a can-do feeling is a bonus point for the viewers. Just have a little faith and go for the movie. Be sure to tell me how you feel. Till the next time, Happy Watching.



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