Eddie the Eagle (2016) [Movie]

The guy below isn’t doing what you think he’s doing.

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Eddie The Eagle Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Don’t we all love watching sports biopic where the underdog works his ass off to become the champion, fighting against all odds, and eventually wins..duh! Around the years we’ve seen movies on boxing, football, athletics, F1, baseball and even cricket, but wait how does ski jumping sounds? compelling? yes? then watch this enthralling sports drama of a British skier, Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards who came last in Olympics ski jumping but still got a movie made on him. 

As you would expect the film revolves around the life story of Eddie Edwards (played by Taron Egerton) and his journey of becoming the first British skier to represent Great Britain in Winter Olympic ski jumping. The movie starts with a crippled guy with a flair of participating in the Olympics and as he reaches adulthood he was able to walk. After many unsuccessful attempts when he was about to give up, it hits him of becoming a ski jumper. Later in the movie he moves to Germany and there he met Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) who apparently is a former ski jumping champion, but now a drunk and clears snow from the path. Peary recognizes the determination of Eddie and starts training him. Without revealing any more plot, talking about the movie it’s maybe not much inspiring but definitely worth a watch. The details are taken good care of to resemble the real story, for example how Eddie was optically challenged and the way he used to adjust his glasses. Other main characters include Eddie’s mom who was supportive and his dad who wasn’t much. Do watch it to learn a thing or two about ski jumping and the interesting story of Eddie the Eagle.



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