Superhot [Video Game]

Rating- 3 Ketchups

I’m sure almost all of you will fall prey to this misleading game title and would open up this review to see what the hell Superhot is about. Before the big reveal, inviting all the patient and cool minded gamers to have a handful of Superhot. A compact game which is small in size but is elaborated in gameplay.
The rule of the game is that time only moves when you move, it might take you a while to grasp it but the concept is innovative and fun (yeah time just don’t fly, how cool is that!). The game allows the player to adjust among many strategies, emulate your own play-style as the no. of retries is very less likely to be in single digit. During my first run of the game the interface seemed pretty attractive for a computer geek like me, and I’m sure it would catch your eye too.

Superhot Intro Menu HD Kernel Ketchup

It’s a first person shooter game where you play as some sort of agent using different kinds of weapons and at the same time facing multiple enemies. The initial stages of the game will force you to quit, will try to break your determination but hey, who wants an easy challenge. A worthy game for all those folks who say that games these days are too easy and simple. At some point you might feel like you’re a speedster dodging the bullets in slow-motion. Word on the street is Superhot VR is coming soon and its pretty dope imo.

PS: Don’t curse me if the hardware you’re playing on becomes a casualty of your frustration, you’ll know what I mean when you play this game.


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