The Man from Nowhere (2010)[Movie]

It’s wong to make jokes on Asian movie.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Man From Nowhere Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

There are movies that makes you cry and there are those who gives you goosebumps but what if I tell you there’s a movie which is action packed but will also touch you at an emotional level. This amazing South Korean movie caught my attention when I saw a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes and dear lord it was one hell of a movie!
This was my first South Korean movie and it was worth every minute. Everyone has a list of epic movies and in my list this holds a strong spot. Enough talk on the epicness of this, let me give you a glimse of the plot. The story revolves around a guy, living in isolation from the hocus pocus of this world and runs a small pawn shop. Another protagonist is a small girl who is his neighbor rather a pokey one. All hell breaks loose when the little girl gets kidnapped because of her notorious mother and now our hero has the job of rescuing her. During the rescue he unfolds deep secrets of the darker side of the city and at the same time fighting the nightmares of his past life. If the plot doesn’t gave you a mind picture of it, then think of it as a Keanu Reeves movie, John Wick (Review Coming Soon) to compare with. The movie packs action and many creative ways of killing bad guys. What makes this movie different from your standard action flick is ofcourse the brilliant storyline but the acting skills of almost everyone in the movie. Be it the protagonist or the sinister evil gang leader, all gave some fervently performances which connects with you and it was something the movie deserved. I watched the English dubbed version which kinda spoiled the fun for me honestly. I am sure those Koreans said some tremendous dialogues but the English audio contained a lot of unneeded foul language. I plan to watch the subbed version of it and will update you guys about my thoughts on it.
This movie will introduce you to yet another fu*ked up side of this world and will sadden and disgust you at few points. Then the action sequence with blood, guns, car ,sword (Asians duhh..) fights will give you goosebumps and after that the emotional sequence will melt you heart. And seriously guys I am not making this up, I enjoyed this roller coaster ride and would surely recommend you to hop on and enjoy this ride once.



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