Sherlock (TV Series 2010–)

Brain on steroids!

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Cast Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington, Louise Brealey

Ever wondered how batman would function if ripped apart of his bat-gadgets or say he lived in a different bat-era without bat-smartness? So much for the title of World’s Greatest Detective. On a different note, Steven Moffat and Mark Gratiss thought of the same thing as per Sherlock Holmes’s perspective thereby bringing him and his awesomeness to this timeline, and giving us the epic British crime thriller drama television series.

The show is based upon what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation would look like in 21st century instead of the original 19th century on which his novels were based. If you think it wouldn’t have much for you to offer as you have already read his books then you are just as wrong as spiderman wearing underpants above his suit. Although the episodes are not much different in titles; for example A Study in Scarlet is re-branded as A Study in Pink or A Scandal in Bohemia as A Scandal in Belgravia, the stories are much more sophisticated according to today’s generation and with iPhones. For those who felt like everything until now was like a UFO to their heads, let me debrief you a little.The protagonist, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a consulting detective. What’s that? you ask. In the words of Sherlock, when Scotland Yard (Police Department) is out of their depths, which is always, they consult him. His partner in crime or murder mystery solving is Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), a former military man, an army doctor to be precise who came back to London after serving his part and couldn’t stay away from the thrill of chase. This dynamic duo living as flatmates in Baker Street, London could take on most unusual cases. Things go global when Dr. Watson writes about their adventure together in his blog. Along with these two we’ve got Sherlock’s arch enemy and elder brother, Mycroft portrayed by Mark Gratiss himself, who is practically the British Government as referred to by Sherlock. Also there is Irene Adler (Anna Chancellor), our hero’s love interest, though she appeared in only one episode, she left a mark on all of us making it one of the favorites of mine. Coming to the antagonists’ column we have James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) who is the mastermind of all the little things that happened throughout the first two series, and loves to define himself as consulting criminal, not to forget, world’s only. The epic Raichenbach Fall moment between Sherlock and Moriarty was as epic as described in the books or in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. And those who even after reading this think that they are not the crime drama viewer type of audience or it appears too dark or gritty just because I started with Batman. Even Scooby-Doo was fun and it was all about catching the culprit in a super cool detective way. Know this, it has got brilliant direction and good context of humor too, at no point in the show you will feel like taking a pee before the next scene because once you have sat down, you would get up after 90 minutes. Yeah! 90 minutes is the runtime of each episode. Such is the enigma of this show.

The show premiered way back in 2010 but do not fret you won’t have to watch a bundle of episodes to catch up. It has 3 seasons until now and each season consists of 3 episodes. And why full on rating you say, that’s because I couldn’t find any glitches in either department be it casting, acting, writing, story-telling, direction, reproduction, administration, verification or sedimentation. It excels in all. Any yay or nay regarding the show is most welcome in the comments section. And as per bonus for those who’ve already watched, click on or as a thank you for reading this review. Have fun exploring Sherlock’s website or John’s blog. Ah! Brings back memories, God knows why Benedict had to become Doctor Strange before reviving for Season 4.

PS: Subtiltes are necessary even for Bristishers 🙂


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