Table Top Racing: World Tour [Video Game]

Rating- 2.5 Ketchups

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Your brain might’ve heard or seen it subconsciously on play store and the ‘Not Free’ tag have refrained you from trying it but this game is now available on PC , PlayStation and Xbox with enhanced graphics, maps and cars. This game takes a new approach to racing game by making you drive small cars on a table top with track decorated with regular objects like books, spray cans etc.

Though the game was meant to be funny but it’s not, also boring at times. The special boosts hidden in the glowing sphere with a question mark are not impressive enough. Another department in which it disappoints is handling, which is an important part of any racing game. I had a tough time at corners (hard braking helps) and often due to which I get off track. It was nearly impossible to gain position once you get left behind which in my thinking is not good thing. While the graphics hit the nail right on the head but that’s not everything I look for in a game. It would’ve been a nice touch if developers have added local multiplayer (splitscreen) as Rocket League have done. I am not entirely criticizing it or I am on a rage, just pointing out the flaws. It does amuses in the beginning but unfortunately that won’t last longer and you’ll be looking for another game in your library soon.

Seeing the Mario Kart and Rocket League gaining so much popularity it could’ve joined their list but unfortunately poor gameplay and shortage of creativity is something that have lacked it behind the real race. 



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