Joy (2015)[Movie]

Can she sell Microsoft devices?

Rating- 4 Ketchups 

Joy Kernel Ketchup Poster HD

There are some movies which are brilliant and seen by everyone, some awful movies which are ignored by everyone and third type of movies which are beautiful but still has managed to elude the eyes of the masses. For those type of movies Kernel Ketchup stands next to them, and make no mistake Joy is one of them. Written and directed by David O. Russell this sweet comedy-drama biographical film is a bumpy ride for viewers.
What’s general theme of a drama movie, Hero has a problem, he/she overcomes it finding a solution and that’s it, happy ending. But in this piece here, the protagonist Joy has some problems in her life, and then some more appear and then there are more chewing up her brains, it was so intense at a time that I thought even if the movie has a normal ending instead of a conventional happy one, I would settle for it :). As the movie starts, we are introduced to Joy, portrayed amazingly by Jennifer Lawrence, a high on the brains girl who takes deep interest in making new inventions. On fast forwarding, once a valedictorian who used to chase upon her dreams, we see a stressed, tensed and divorced Joy taking care of her ex- husband, divorced parents, and her own children. What’s pleasant to see that someone so broken can still hope for things to get better. Things go interesting when she invents a mop, and tries to set up her own business. The movie has got some good humor too though it wasn’t much expected from such tense situations. Along with the unique cinematography, there are impressive performances by Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper, but tbh it looked like Jennifer Lawrence stole the show. To end it let me quote John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and this movie certainly is.


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