I Played ‘Pokémon GO’!!! [APP]

Rating- Wait for it.

Rating(Update)-Are you still playing it? 

YES people. This is legit! No click bait here.. Last year they announced Pokémon GO with an amazing trailer and since then I was so psyched about it and couldn’t wait for trying my hands on it and it finally happened. I was swept up in the euphoria of installing this app. Last time I was this excited is when I installed GTA V on my PC. Pokémon GO is developed by the same team behind the game Ingress which shares same real world location concept. Now without further ado let’s get right into the app.

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Link:      Android         iOS

Last time I checked the app was available in Australia, New Zealand and USA but they are expanding as we talk. You can check it in the link given above and if it isn’t available in your country, android users have their ways, coz sky is the limit. You can try installing APK from HERE and it should work by reading all those positive comments. Now talking about the “Wait for it” rating , it’s because I installed it last night and haven’t discovered the whole game yet to evaluate it. Though I do have spent some hours playing it and catching Pokémons ( feels so good saying that) and what I felt and the bugs I faced are written below.

*click on image to enlarge

So it all starts with a sign up and then you’re told to choose a nickname and I am sure you’ll spend some time here coz all the popular tags are already taken ( sucks right :/ ) . Also I haven’t find any option of changing name in settings yet so choose it wisely. After that you’ll be asked to choose your first pokémon between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. I chose Charmander coz I’d love to see it evolve into Charizard. That’s all with the introduction part, you’re a Pokemon Trainer now, GO capture the world.

Now talking about what I like about it, there are plenty of wild pokémons to catch even if you don’t leave you home ( I caught 9 last night). To catch ’em you’ve to flick the poké ball and aim for their head, it may sound easy but it isn’t, it will take some time to master it. Also pokémon won’t resist as it’s only the beginning and you’ll be greeted with a screen GOTCHA!. I’ve caught Paras, Growlithe, Meowth, Zubat and Pidgey till now. You can catch two same pokémon and transfer one to Professor’s Oak Laboratory to get candy which can be used to evolve the same pokémon. You will see places around you with a blue cube glowing, and actually going there you can find Poké Balls and other items. You’ll see black background in my screenshots because I was playing at night, it was dark, but you should get AR ( Augmented Reality) effects if playing outdoor.

Now things which I didn’t like, firstly the graphics are very mediocre, I was expecting something mind blowing stuff here since they showed us a superb trailer but hey I am not complaining, I am pretty sure it’ll get better as more users will start playing it. Next, there were loads of server problem pop ups ( literally for every 10 minutes). Also sometimes when catching a wild Pokémon nothing will appear but just a circle and you’ll be throwing poké balls in the air (it can be resolved by restarting the game). But the strange part is the last 20 minutes I played before going to sleep it worked fine. So, I think it was a technical error and may be resolved by now. Now what are you waiting for? Gotta catch ’em all.. Pokémon!

Update 1: After playing it for almost a day now, no server error has occurred and it’s very addictive so far.


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