Megamind (2010)[Movie]

Loki’s heir finally found.

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Megamind Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Be it the Joker from Nolan’s Batman or Loki from the Avengers, we all love having outstanding villains, In this case it’s a big blue brainy brilliant one! (Who said alliteration makes content stylish, it looks normal, doesn’t it?) Moving on, here’s another Dreamworks’ animation movie, Megamind. Based on the typical super hero – crappy villain rivalry genre with a slight change in the outcome, the villain emerges victorious in duo’s battle.
Yeah, our hero Mr. goody two shoes loses to megamind. With him gone, Megamind felt disheartened and with no other choice left to create another superhero to fight for the city against him. What drives him to crazy point is when the newly created superhero himself is a fan-frenzy of the dark side. I know it’s its difficult to understand that’s why I insist you to watch this epic movie for good. The movie is quite humorous with many gags and on top of it we have Megamind’s pronunciation like Shool or Spyieder. The genius and witty Megamind was so cool as it goes with saying that while his classmates were learning itsy bitsy spider, he already knew how to dehydrate and re-hydrate inanimate objects. You also might find some similarities with DC’s superman in the beginning. All in all you will love this character and would finally agree Brainy is the new Sexy, Oops, stole the words right out of Irene Adler’s mouth, don’t know who that is? Check out my post Sherlock 😉


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