Dishonored [Video Game]

Rating- 4.5 Ketchups

At times when your little sibling commits a mistake but you’re the one who took the scolding by parents or when you scored a brilliant D on the test but it says F on the report card. Let’s agree to the fact that each of us honor has been dissed at some point in life and this game is a brilliant way to take your revenge.
The protagonist of the game, Corvo Attano was the bodyguard of Britain’s royalty who is wrongly sent to prison and was going to be executed on account of him assassinating the queen. Of course, this was all happening because of the well laid plan by the high officials and furthermore, the daughter of the departed, Emily Caldwin is taken by the bad guys. Also a supernatural spirit gives Corvo supercool powers using which he can teleport, slow down time, make a windblast and much more. Yeah, sounds crazy but the 19th century London based game’s timeline is a little bizarre that technology and otherworldly forces co exist. The objective of the game is to rescue the princess and pass righteous judgement to the deserving. This game came out a while ago, in 2012 to be precise and is one the games that I’ve played more than one time especially because of the variety it offers. And which makes it one the best stealth games I’ve ever played. Concluding storyline and gameplay, I might have explained it in such a way that you wanna throw up but believe me, it will force you to use your brain while you’re having goose bumps, exactly like when you are asked out by two equally hot guys on the same day. Be sure to wrap it up before its sequel hits the market later this year.



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