Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction [Video Game]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

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There aren’t many things in the world which can be enjoyed by a person who is both, a gamer and a book-worm. Of course, we always have the option of finding ourselves a nerdy gamer girlfriend, but let’s face it, we have more chances of discovering an alien specie. Worry not, kernel ketchup comes to your rescue again. Introducing you the franchise which has both action-adventure packed stealth games and spell-binding novels.Splinter Cell Conviction Gameplay Kernel Ketchup HD 5

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a series of award winning stealth based video games by Ubisoft along with their tie-in novels. It focuses on the life of Sam Fisher, a playable version of Liam Nesson to be honest. Sam is kind of a black ops agent working at fictional security agency, Third Echelon. What makes him so special are his gadgets and his way of silently knocking down the bad guys. Anyways, if you feel the games are too old and pixelated for your 4K eyes, I suggest you at least try this one. Released in 2010, the game offers many cool features, like mark & execute which gives the ability to kill bad guys in a movie-like slo-mo way. The story is intriguing enough which makes you wondering who your next target is. Also the way of describing his journey was beautiful. The game includes multiplayer mode to compete with your frenemies. At one point you might think with his night/heat vision goggles and sticky cameras to name a few, he might as well have stole his gadgets from the Bat-cave. Happy Gaming!

Splinter Cell Conviction Gameplay Kernel Ketchup HD



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