A Beautiful Mind (2001)[Movie]

Can he crack pattern lock too?

Rating- 4 Ketchups


What’s the concept of creating movie titles? Take an article, an adjective and a body part, for example, an interesting palm, the gorgeous intestine, a tiny penis… you get the hang of it I think, So that’s where A Beautiful Mind comes in. Neither about a girl named Mind nor about a mind flaunting its nerves in the air seductively. This biographical movie by Ron Howard focuses on the life of mathematician John Nash, a noble laureate in economics. Maybe this dude sounds boring but let me fill you in with little more details.tumblr_mhb6xb3OSc1qllbnao3_500

Just like most of us John Nash was kind of not-so-social-when-offline kind of guy. But on the other hand what distinguished him from the others was the search for originality. Actually he was the guy who proposed that when in a group, best results aren’t produced when we say “Every man for himself”, like in most group projects, rather when we adapt a cooperative approach, like playing Dungeons & Dragons against Demogorgon. Things in his life take an interesting turn when he is appointed by the Department of National Defence since he was the most natural code breaker the world has even seen. And then comes in the perks of being a wallflower, I mean having a beautiful mind. To discover what’s that, you’d have to sit through around two hours to see this masterpiece and make your life count. Honestly, watching this movie felt like, Man! there are so many parts of my brain acting up at the same time the logical, emotional, psychological and whatever other senses that are present.
Boosted by Russell Crowe’s outstanding performance & brilliant direction by Ron Howard, this movie is a must watch suggestion from Kernel Ketchup. If already gone through this one, why not check some other stuff on our website to keep you busy until we come out with our next one.




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