Band Of Brothers [TV Series 2001]

When they played their instruments, the audience would die of awe!

Rating – 4.5 Ketchups

There are shows which make you laugh, some that excite you, some which make you shed a tear or two, some which keep you on the edge of the seats until the creators manage to crap up the well established story-line in the last season. And then there are some gem of a show that might have eluded you eyes for so long. You know where I’m getting at. If you haven’t… go watch this already or continue reading if you’re not so easily convinced.

So what’s it based on? The events of World War II. You might say I’ve already seen plethora of movies based on that. Saving Private Ryan was already a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg, they can’t top that. To which I’ll say buddy, this show goes into so much details, that might’ve been otherwise too time consuming to put in a movie. And if you want big names, this was created by none other than Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. To lay it out explicitly for you, this show focuses on one of the battalion of the paratroopers, Easy Company. They start out with the strategic Normandy invasion, followed by the disappointment of failed Operation Market Garden and then will send shivers down your spine with the Siege of Bastogne.

It’s a mini TV series with a single season consisting of 10 episodes and is binge-watch worthy. And the casting is great too, you’ll find many friendly faces, right from the first episode. Not to mention it bagged many awards including Emmy and Golden Globe. If you’re into war movies/documentaries, this is a must watch, even if not, this is a good series to get addicted to the genre and get your heart pumping. Happy Watching!

PS: Spoiler! Hilter dies.

We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.

Capt. Richard Winters

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