The Book of Life (2014) [Movie]

Live, Love, Die, Repeat!

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

There are some movies which which make you giggle, some which make you lose a teardrop or two, some for which you wanna grab a whole box of tissues đŸ˜„ and some on seeing which your inner Shakespeare whispers in faint voice, “Ah, Thou art beautiful!”. J. K. Rowling showed us what it means to have the gift of love. George R. R. Martin changed the meaning of the word valiant for us altogether. This one, The Book of Life, is a sweet, funky & colourful movie which tries to do both and leaves you with a smile at the end.

The story-line revolves around the cliched love triangle where two boys are competing for su amor. Yes, the movie is woven around Mexico. And there’s quite a whole lot of Mexico with the bull fighting, moustaches & the day of the dead. The story may sounds quite meh, but you’d be amazed at how wrong you were. Just give it a try, it’s different, it’s unique, it’s fresh.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!

PS: Don’t you hate it when animation movies are filled with lousy songs just for the sake of having music, and the movie looks like a long musical. Well, fear not, it’s not the case with this one. The songs are well timed, some maybe are funny parodies, but with all of them it would be a fun joyride through your emotion valley.

PPS: For the last time, it came out before Coco & this one’s better than that. Period.

PPPS: I promise, it’s the last one. If you’ve already seen the movie, here’s a souvenir for you to remember it once more. Do not click if you haven’t.


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