4 Years Later…

“Humans are a social being.”
This line would’ve been a perfect start to an essay back a decade, where you could go on explaining how the society around you affects oneself. But in this day & age I doubt you’re required an explanation. We thrive on being connected and the moment we’re not, we might not feel like ourselves. The promise of meeting you virtual friends over a game tomorrow at the exact same time, the commitment to check out every upload of your crush the moment it hits Instagram, sharing your lifestyle through a day-lived status update, such actions are trivial to be found in ones daily drama called life.

Why am I being so philosophical? Well the reason is it’s been exactly 4 years as of this moment that I started this blog. One of the major driving force behind its creation was itself the need to share. It came to thought after brainstorming session with a friend that how we know so much lesser-known content witch ought to be shared with the rest of the world and deserves everyone’s appreciation. The main focus was to promote the content with was praise-worthy but was lacking audience because of some rhyme or reason. Hence I dig-ed up some beautiful movies which eluded the eyes of many, TV shows which were binge-worthy, video games that helped me get through the otherwise boring/difficult days, tweaks that I often utilized and found to be handy, or just songs that didn’t make it to top charts but still made me go gaga over it. And I tried to present it all before you in a silver platter, this blog.

Lastly here’s to all of 1,829 followers. You people have been awesome. I know for a better part of these four years I’ve been on and off but I’d try my best from now on to post with utmost consistency. Would try to up the ante with even better quality content as well. Thanks to all those who followed this blog religiously since it’s first day, and welcome aboard to the ones who just joined in the past few days and have been incredibly supportive. Also if anyone wants to see some changes around here; feel free to bombard this blog with your ideas, I’ll think it through and act accordingly.

Till the next time, keep sharing!

Thank You!

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