Knives Out (2019) [Movie]

The game is afoot. Eh, Watson?

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Are you having suspicion over who ate the last scoop of ice cream from the refrigerator or maybe you are mulling over the alternative endings to GoT where R+L = J theory actually made some sense. Or you’re just having an urge to start a new Agatha Christie or Dan Brown novel considering you’ve all the time sitting at home quarantined. It’s even fine if you’re tracking back your steps from yesterday to find where you went wrong because of which that cutie didn’t smile back at you. All these symptoms suggest that you’re in dire need of murder mystery to give your brain the caffeine it needs. My suggestion, check out this new killer movie, literally.

Unlike others of the same genre where you’ve to sit through the whole movie and keep guessing who actually did it, director Rian Johnson takes a different more intriguing route. Speaking anymore about the story would ruin it. Can give you a hint, it’s fantastic; and look out for the several foreshadowings. The casting is top-notch, although it was hard to see Captain cuss. The set design and attention to details is admirable.

If you’ve already seen it, here’s one of my favorite channels doing his thing, explaining everything great about the movie, must watch if you’re into those sorts of things (watching detailed analysis) and since you must’ve missed something in just one watch. Warning: Spoliers!

Verdict: A Must Watch for all ages 🙂


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