Flail Rider [APP]

Rating- 3 Ketchups

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about any app and there’s a whole lot of new stuff I’ll be coming up with soon. For now I’ve something destructive for you, not literally though. In this fast paced, fun to play game you are given a car with a big flail attached to it and the objective is to wreck as many buildings as you can in the given time. There’s a whole lot of vehicles available like tank, monster truck, tuk-tuk, hotrod or the catmobile to name some,  which are super easy to unlock.

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World of Goo [Video Game][APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Of the many great deeds my teenage consisted of, one of them was indulging myself in this awesome piece of creativity. Such is the impact of this incredible game that you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself applauding the sign painter (the closest thing to narrator the game has). The fun, the challenge, the implication, the symbolism, the jurisdiction, the condensation, the fragmentation, seems like you got me exaggerating but tbh I was serious till the symbolism part, the game has it all. Continue reading “World of Goo [Video Game][APP]”

Atomas [APP]

Rating-4 Ketchups

Don’t continue scrolling because it sounds nerdy and brain racking. In fact, it’s an interesting puzzle game and a lot of fun to play. Motive of the game is to make a new element by fusing two or more elements. All you’ve to do is don’t let the ring overfill. It’s easy to learn and will keep you busy, especially if you’re a chemist. There are 4 game modes available and also by creating new elements you can unlock new stuff.

Disclaimer: Don’t trust atoms, I heard they make up everything.

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Floors [APP]

Rating- 3 Ketchups

Checkout this enjoyable endless arcade of countless floors where you’ve to jump through the spikes. Tap for short jump and hold for long jump through the obstacles as you progress.

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Sky [APP]

Rating- 3 Ketchups

Bringing another endless arcade for the app hunters because honestly, playstore is flooded with this category. But I promise to bring miscellany in future. In this game you’ve to slide on a rope like thing tied in the sky and jump through obstacles. It’s a very difficult game to master, but the unlockables are quite interesting.

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Rating- 4.5 Ketchups

I just installed this app and couldn’t resist myself writing about it. This face filter app is funny as hell. It is well optimized and detects the face accurately. You’ll surely have a good time recording funny videos from it. The iOS version is old and has more filters while the Android one is in beta and has comparatively less filters. Give this app a try no matter which platform you’re on, you’ll surely enjoy. 😀

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Alto’s Adventure [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

‘Serene’ is the word that comes to my mind while playing this game. The gameplay and music is so relaxing that it will make you forget how miserable the world is, only for a few moments though. Gameplay is straight forward, touch to jump and do tricks for boost. A highly recommend game that you’ll surely enjoy. The part I like the most is switching background scenery, it’s so pleasant.

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Slash Keyboard [APP]

Rating -4 Ketchups 

If you’re bored of your stock android keyboard then try this, you’ll love it if you’re a fan of minimalist and clean design. The highlighting feature is the functionality it provides, with this keyboard you can share photos, places, music, GIFs, links etc directly from keyboard without actually leaving the app . But the only con I noticed is lack of gesture typing.

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QuizUp [APP]

Rating-3 Ketchups

There have been many times when you and your friend might argue on who is the biggest fan of a particular movie franchise. Or for the nerdy ones your friend might say he is a bigger fan of Star Wars than you. This is the platform where you can compete with him or anyone else on a vast range of topics. A free multiplayer highly addictive game where you can show your parents knowledge is not general anymore by coming in the top 10 or even the best in your country. Trust me, it does feel good; because I’ve been there.

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Onefootball – Pure Soccer![APP]

Rating-4.5 Ketchups

Being a football fan in different time zone is tough. You’ve to stay up till mid night or wake up early morning to catch a match and its hard to keep record of upcoming matches and live scores. Worry no more my friend coz this app is all you need. Everything happening in the football world is right on your fingertips. Highlighting features of this app are live scores, live commentary, upcoming matches line up, news,  push notification when match begins, all leagues table and much more.

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