Suits (TV Series 2011– )

Time to get Litt Up!


Cast- Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman

“So what’s it going to be about, people wearing nice shiny suits? Because I’ve already seen the promo and it sure looks like it.” Or the smart one’s might be thinking, “It’s about lawsuits, I know that, I still don’t give a crap, because it’s lame and I’ve other better things on my plate than to watch some lawyer mumbo jumbo with economic terms.” Or if anything else you had going on in your mind when you read the title, I’m telling you, I thought it too and now here I’m suggesting you to watch this series. So here is how it begins. Continue reading “Suits (TV Series 2011– )”


Sherlock (TV Series 2010–)

Brain on steroids!

Rating- 5097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-589

Sherlock Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Cast Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington, Louise Brealey

Ever wondered how batman would function if ripped apart of his bat-gadgets or say he lived in a different bat-era without bat-smartness? So much for the title of World’s Greatest Detective. On a different note, Steven Moffat and Mark Gratiss thought of the same thing as per Sherlock Holmes’s perspective thereby bringing him and his awesomeness to this timeline, and giving us the epic British crime thriller drama television series. Continue reading “Sherlock (TV Series 2010–)”

The Big Bang Theory (TV Series 2007–)

Plethora of Clichés.  

Rating – 4 Ketchups

The Big Bang Theory Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Let’s start with a glance at some of the episode titles – The Communication Deterioration, The Proton Displacement, The Rothman Disintegration, The Higgs Boson Observation, The doesanyone readingthis , Gee!! What science show you are luring me to watch, or episodes like “The one with the friends were much better” If you’re having second thoughts like this behind my blog’s back, know that reading this review will feel like brainwashing the pre-frontal cortex.

Continue reading “The Big Bang Theory (TV Series 2007–)”

Prison Break (TV Series 2005–2009)

Meanwhile on Earth-2, Lincoln and Sara live happily married.

Rating-4 Ketchups

Prison Break Kernel Ketchup

No one aspires to go to prison, but what if your brother is at stake, willing to take chances? So how this came to my mind you ask, well the title up above is the culprit. This thrilling crime fiction with its heart-pumping, thumping, jumping story line is intriguing to watch. Prison break, the title somewhat spoils the story, but then again the wonders of Paul Scheuring (yeah! google it, I ain’t gonna tell you) and the amazing cast makes me rate it at one of the best suspense based TV Series. Continue reading “Prison Break (TV Series 2005–2009)”

Daredevil (Season 2)[TV Series]

One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime

Daredevil Season 2 Kernel Ketchup

“God created each and every one of us with a purpose, didn’t he? A reason for being? Then why did he put the devil in me.” We are often caught in the crossfires of our own theories, some of us tend to praise our own good deeds, some cater the yin and yang, while some are tempted to take the devil’s path. Yes, you’re right, the show’s back, the blind guy is back, so kernel ketchup is back wanting you to witness another season of DareDevil. Continue reading “Daredevil (Season 2)[TV Series]”

Modern Family (TV Series 2009– )

A family without eccentrics is a family without existence

Rating- 4.5 Ketchups

Modern Family Kernel Ketchup 1

Day 1: Lucky there’s a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh & cry. He’s our family guy. Oh! What’s that, Wrong show? Darn it. Go home words, you’re all drunk. Sorry guys no review today.

Day 2: Imagine an old man with a hot young immigrant, also two gay men attracted to each other, the heat rising, a conventional…What now? You say the words are correct but the approach is wrong, Oh, my bad. Go home thoughts, you are drunk.

Day 3: Introducing a new set of weirdos for my fans. This American mockumentary explores the family of Jay & Gloria (He’s in his sixties and she’s in her thirties), a family of sweet couple Mitchell & Cameron (Yeah, both are guys), and a family of 16 year married couple Phil & Claire ( the only conventional one). Huff! finally I got the intro right.

Jay is a veteran businessman, his wife Gloria is hmmm well, a really loud mouthed one. Mitchell is an environmental lawyer and Cameron is sometimes a music teacher and the other time he’s a clown, all-in-all he is a many in one pack. Phil is a realtor, rather a funny one, and his wife Claire, a composed women who does the job of handling all the teletubbies of the family. Continue reading “Modern Family (TV Series 2009– )”

Family Guy (TV Series 1999– )

LMAOWFG (Laughing My Ass Off Watching Family Guy)

Rating-4 Ketchups


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious keep iggily biggily gollygoops psghetti reading pigglywiggly woospiedoo buddy spindingy capstcha zowzy!! Welcome my weirdo, I’m glad you made it through my gibberish start because honestly I didn’t know how to start my review of this epic animated sitcom which helped in making me a family guy since 1999. The show created by Seth MacFarlane, is focused on a family of a married couple and their teenage kids and a year old baby. This cartoon series had shown much promise during its early seasons which is clear by the fact that the show has been resurrected twice after being cancelled by Fox. Based on this fact only you can presume the height and depth of this comedy drama.

The man of the show, Peter Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) “Family Guy” is a fat white guy doing bizarrely stupid things unintentionally. His wife Lois Griffin (voiced by Alex Borstein) is a modern day woman who is often seen preventing Peter from doing his doings and mostly correcting them after our hero does it. Their eldest kid is a teenage daughter, Meg Griffin (voiced by Mila Kunis), who is loved by no one later in the series (more or less after season 2). Their middle child Chris Griffin (voiced by Seth Green) is a carbon copy of his dad. And then comes the 1-year old genius baby Stewie Griffin (also voiced by Seth MacFarlane) set upon destroying the world (especially his mother) and enslaving the humanity. This family frenzy of five is accompanied by an atheist English speaking dog Brian (again voiced by Seth MacFarlane) a struggling novelist who has much clearer understanding of life than our star of the show Peter. Continue reading “Family Guy (TV Series 1999– )”

Silicon Valley (TV Series 2014– )

 So you think your life is awkward, watch these guys.

Rating -4.5 Ketchups


Gather round everyone, finally it is time to reveal something that might have been hidden away from your eyes. Computers, programmers, java, start-up, leap of faith, realizing the girth and true multitasking , let me stop right here, I know your heartbeats are rising. One question, do you know how much time it would take you to jerk off every single person in a seminar hall, I bet No, but certainly these guys do. Yeah! I’m still talking about programmers here.
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Daredevil (TV Series 2015– )

Blinded Batman, Not Really

Rating-4 Ketchups


“Seriously dude? A Blind Superhero! That sucks bro”. I thought the same about this fellow Matt Murdock but boy was I wrong. His loss of visions came with a tradeoff, his remaining senses were enhanced to a superhuman level and he got his own TV series in 2015 on Netflix. Marvel did an amazing job brining this superhero to light after doing a flop show on the box office back in 2003. Also, Marvel showed that they aren’t the teletubbies of shady superhero realm. They handled this dark toned show very well. And the viewing experience is set ablaze by impressive performances from the actors. Continue reading “Daredevil (TV Series 2015– )”

Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series 2016– )

       A New Year Treat From DC.

Rating: 3 Ketchups

maxresdefault (1)

Interested in Si-Fi or Comics? If any of those rings a bell in your mind then this article is worth reading. This year CW and DC decided to add another show after the success of Arrow and The Flash, named Legends of Tomorrow. I’m sure you haven’t heard of this team-up of superheroes as it is completely new even for DC universe followers unlike the Birds of Prey or Suicide Squad.
Continue reading “Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series 2016– )”