What’s Killing Your PC?


Fix Xbox Wired Controller Random Disconnect

It’s a common issue with Xbox wired controller. In my case it was a damaged little part of the wire that was causing the random disconnect. Below are the steps to fix it.

  1. Find the damaged part of the wire and cut that part with scissors.
  2. Remove the outer rubber sheathing and underneath you’ll find foil and a silver wire mesh, remove it too.
  3. Now you can see 4 different coloured thin wires (Black,Red,Green,White), remove some part of their outer rubber covering.
  4. Now twist the same colour wire from one end to the other end.
  5. Tape the four wires differently so that their inner covering doesn’t touch each other.
  6. Now tape the whole part tightly and get back to gaming.

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Clear Hidden Files Eating Your Space in Custom Roms

After installing Cyanogenmod 12.1 or any custom rom if your storage is not summing up properly then you should try this fix.Screenshot_2016-02-06-21-23-17

After installing Cyanogenmod 12.1, my phone’s available and used space were not summing up properly. I was getting only 2.38 gb available though the used space was 5.56 GB out of 11.19 GB. After doing the math I realised I should be getting  5.63 GB space. To fix this below are the steps I performed.

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Hello World!

Yes, that’s the heading of my first post being a Computer Engineer. So I’ve been thinking of writing from quite some time and now it has finally taken shape. My basic intent of starting Kernel Ketchup is to share interesting stuff with you guys so that you can enjoy it too. All the things I’ll be sharing on Kernel Ketchup will be tried, watched, experienced, played and enjoyed by me.

Stay Entertained  (: