That ’70s Show (TV Series 1998-2006)

Steve Jobs meets Venom meets Meg!

Sitting at home with nothing to do? Probably you’ve already exhausted the list of binge-watch worthy shows. Amidst the whole ruckus caused by few sick people who just took too much inspiration from Pokemon theme song and are travelling across the world, don’t you feel too how good and easy the old times were. No shortage of toilet papers, sanitizers were something which belonged to laboratories, people minding their own business and not taking up hoarding as a hobby suddenly. Hence in this hour of crisis Kernel Ketchup recommends you to avoid all social interactions and tune in to watch this epic show set in the 1970s like a bunch of introverts.

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Sausage Party (2016) [Movie]

Explore the great beyond!

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy

The last time you went to a supermarket did you ever stop to wonder what would those tiny little items over the shelf would think if they had a conscience? Or are they just non-playable characters in the current simulation that we’re a part of? No, of course you didn’t! You only think about yourself. Shame! Shame! Shame!

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Suits (TV Series 2011– )

Time to get Litt Up!

Rating – 4 Ketchups


Cast- Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman

“So what’s it going to be about, people wearing nice shiny suits? Because I’ve already seen the promo and it sure looks like it.” Or the smart one’s might be thinking, “It’s about lawsuits, I know that, I still don’t give a crap, because it’s lame and I’ve other better things on my plate than to watch some lawyer mumbo jumbo with economic terms.” Or if anything else you had going on in your mind when you read the title, I’m telling you, I thought it too and now here I’m suggesting you to watch this series. So here is how it begins. Continue reading “Suits (TV Series 2011– )”

Don Jon (2013)[Movie]

Fantasies Come True? 

Rating- 4 Ketchups


Presenting a movie based on life of a young Italian American guy who cares about only few things in his life, his body, his ride, his family, his church, his boys, his girls and his porn. Yeah you read it right and I’m not going to repeat it again. I think its enough to make you watch this movie. Minors, go ask your parents, and nerds quickly use time machine to turn 18 because Kernel ketchup is going R-rated in movies with this post. Continue reading “Don Jon (2013)[Movie]”

Megamind (2010)[Movie]

Loki’s heir finally found.

Rating- 5097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-5895097ac683d9b9ee02a5d2ca5f123fd5c_red-star-clipart-red-star-clipart_600-589

Megamind Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Be it the Joker from Nolan’s Batman or Loki from the Avengers, we all love having outstanding villains, In this case it’s a big blue brainy brilliant one! (Who said alliteration makes content stylish, it looks normal, doesn’t it?) Moving on, here’s another Dreamworks’ animation movie, Megamind. Based on the typical super hero – crappy villain rivalry genre with a slight change in the outcome, the villain emerges victorious in duo’s battle. Continue reading “Megamind (2010)[Movie]”

Joy (2015)[Movie]

Can she sell Microsoft devices?

Rating- 4 Ketchups 

Joy Kernel Ketchup Poster HD

There are some movies which are brilliant and seen by everyone, some awful movies which are ignored by everyone and third type of movies which are beautiful but still has managed to elude the eyes of the masses. For those type of movies Kernel Ketchup stands next to them, and make no mistake Joy is one of them. Written and directed by David O. Russell this sweet comedy-drama biographical film is a bumpy ride for viewers. Continue reading “Joy (2015)[Movie]”

The Big Bang Theory (TV Series 2007–)

Plethora of Clichés.  

Rating – 4 Ketchups

The Big Bang Theory Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Let’s start with a glance at some of the episode titles – The Communication Deterioration, The Proton Displacement, The Rothman Disintegration, The Higgs Boson Observation, The doesanyone readingthis , Gee!! What science show you are luring me to watch, or episodes like “The one with the friends were much better” If you’re having second thoughts like this behind my blog’s back, know that reading this review will feel like brainwashing the pre-frontal cortex.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)[Movie]

Give the man some privacy, it’s his secret life.

Rating- 3.5 Ketchups

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Poster Picture Kernel Ketchup HD

Hakuna Matata, those two words were the driving force for me for a few days now. Then after a few days in the fantasy world, I came back to my senses to write about a movie that is all about changing the way you live. Talking to your crush in a charming way or throwing your boss out of the office building, yeah! we all are a dream machine in our own way, but how often do you think we can use this escape route? all you need is a little push and this movie might make you rethink your vision about life. Continue reading “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)[Movie]”

The Intern (2015)[Movie]

Don’t tell Batman what Catwoman is upto these days.

Rating- 4 Ketchups

The Intern Kernel Ketchup

When was the last time you watched a movie where everything was in a happy land and nothing tragic or over the top drama is happening throughout the movie. Well, I can’t say about you but as far as I can remember I can’t think of any name. Even the Disney movies which are supposedly for “kids” packs so much drama which even an adult finds hard to digest.  The Intern is a type of movie after watching which your face has an oddly satisfying smile. I may be exaggerating here, but that is what I felt after watching it. Continue reading “The Intern (2015)[Movie]”

Modern Family (TV Series 2009– )

A family without eccentrics is a family without existence

Rating- 4.5 Ketchups

Modern Family Kernel Ketchup 1

Day 1: Lucky there’s a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh & cry. He’s our family guy. Oh! What’s that, Wrong show? Darn it. Go home words, you’re all drunk. Sorry guys no review today.

Day 2: Imagine an old man with a hot young immigrant, also two gay men attracted to each other, the heat rising, a conventional…What now? You say the words are correct but the approach is wrong, Oh, my bad. Go home thoughts, you are drunk.

Day 3: Introducing a new set of weirdos for my fans. This American mockumentary explores the family of Jay & Gloria (He’s in his sixties and she’s in her thirties), a family of sweet couple Mitchell & Cameron (Yeah, both are guys), and a family of 16 year married couple Phil & Claire ( the only conventional one). Huff! finally I got the intro right.

Jay is a veteran businessman, his wife Gloria is hmmm well, a really loud mouthed one. Mitchell is an environmental lawyer and Cameron is sometimes a music teacher and the other time he’s a clown, all-in-all he is a many in one pack. Phil is a realtor, rather a funny one, and his wife Claire, a composed women who does the job of handling all the teletubbies of the family. Continue reading “Modern Family (TV Series 2009– )”