Rush Fight [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Remember the app which I suggested a while back that goes with the name GI Joe Strike? This game is very much similar to that in gameplay, but different in other things. Enemies will come from both sides and you’ve to tap on either side to beat them. This game will test your reflexes by counting how many suits wearing bad asses you can beat. Graphics are pretty much average I’d say. There are five characters and scenes to be unlocked, and though the first unlock is easy but the others really require you to break a sweat. Rush Fight has a respectable rating on Play Store and you should definitely check it out.


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Ryse: Son of Rome [Video Game]

Rating -4 Ketchups

Okay, So you’ve watched Lord of the Rings or Spartacus or Gladiator and a rush of blood is flowing through your veins to fight an army ,If Yes ,then this game is perfect for you.

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G.I. Joe: Strike [APP]

   Rating-3.5 Ketchups

In this game you will play as a soldier and will face enemies from sides. In order to kill them you’ve to tap on either side. Game is all about precise touches, make one more or one less touch and you’ll be a dead fish. It’s a pretty good game to try. Graphics are average though.

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