Google Opinion Rewards [APP]

Are you ever caught at the juxtaposition where you want to buy some app from play store but your bank balance doesn’t let you? If yeah, Kernel Ketchup comes to your rescue again. All you have to do is install this app, answer some survey questions, and et voilà! purchase anything you want from play store from the credit you receive, be it a nice book, a newly launched game, even rent a movie, and heck even pay for YouTube premium as I do!


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FIE Swordplay [APP]

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis…Even those Olympics sports in RIO official Olympics app..You’ve played it all and no sports app is left for you to conquer, I want you to rethink about that my friend because today, I am bringing you a game, that you might even question about its existence. Here comes THE FIE SWORDPLAY!. A competitive fencing game where you start as a beginner (duhh..) travelling around the world competing with the world class fencers (I hope they’re called that). It’s very much enjoyable and who knows, it may teach you a thing or two abut professional fencing. Although, overall this game is pretty darn good but still I think it gets a little repetitive and hence boring after some time but that won’t stop you from trying or will it?


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Play Hidden Game In Google Chrome [Tweak]

If you’ve a shitty network or maybe the website you’re trying to load has a shitty server then Google has an Easter Egg hidden from you that you might don’t know about. You must’ve seen that pixilated dinosaur with a message “This web page is not available” or “You are offline”. Well the next time when you encounter that screen, press on that  Continue reading “Play Hidden Game In Google Chrome [Tweak]”

The Internship (2013) [Movie]

Legend says they work for Microsoft now.

Rating-3 Ketchups


Here it is, your dream of experiencing an internship at Google or your fantasies of watching Dylan O’Brien in glasses coming true in a must-see techno comedy, The Internship. Also including the dynamic duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, a lot of geeky-nerdy stuff is awaiting your appraisal. The story is based on two grown ups finding it difficult to sustain their jobs in this ever-changing technological era. Things go interesting when they apply for an internship at the tech-giant Google and find their survival chances shrinking to zero among other brilliant interns.

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