Eddie the Eagle (2016) [Movie]

The guy below isn’t doing what you think he’s doing.

Rating- 4 Ketchups

Eddie The Eagle Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

Don’t we all love watching sports biopic where the underdog works his ass off to become the champion, fighting against all odds, and eventually wins..duh! Around the years we’ve seen movies on boxing, football, athletics, F1, baseball and even cricket, but wait how does ski jumping sounds? compelling? yes? then watch this enthralling sports drama of a British skier, Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards who came last in Olympics ski jumping but still got a movie made on him.  Continue reading “Eddie the Eagle (2016) [Movie]”

The Prestige (2006) [Movie]

I was watching closely.

Rating-4.5 Ketchups

The Prestige Kernel Ketchup

ABBRACCADABARRRAA. Set amidst the rivalry of once good friends, this marvellous artwork by Christopher Nolan will blow away all your senses. The movie is based on the two magicians satisfying their hunger of fame alongside never failing a chance to humiliate the other one. Continue reading “The Prestige (2006) [Movie]”