The Prestige (2006) [Movie]

I was watching closely.

Rating-4.5 Ketchups

The Prestige Kernel Ketchup

ABBRACCADABARRRAA. Set amidst the rivalry of once good friends, this marvellous artwork by Christopher Nolan will blow away all your senses. The movie is based on the two magicians satisfying their hunger of fame alongside never failing a chance to humiliate the other one. Continue reading “The Prestige (2006) [Movie]”

Ex Machina (2015) [Movie]

Siri captured in a body, calamity guaranteed.

Rating-4 Ketchups


Ever cared about Artificial Intelligence? I’m pretty sure you think of it as a mean to ease up your life. I want you to hold that thought and take a Turing Test. Why the face? Chill buddy. It’s no rocket science, in actual it’s much greater. Continue reading “Ex Machina (2015) [Movie]”