Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games [APP]

Rating- 3.5 Ketchups



If you ask a foodie, he’ll tell you that there are three steps to enjoy a meal, See it, Smell it & then Taste it. In a similar manner there are 3 phases of liking this game, enjoy the melody, brace yourself and then die. But even death leaves a smile on your face if you didn’t throw your phone away with frustration. The game has been around for quite some time, but I was surprised that it has eluded so many eyes till now, which forced Kernel Ketchup to take the matter in its own hands. In the game you will be a dumb athlete who can choose from 50+ tasks available and then try to evade the ultimate destination of all living beings, death (Poetic, ain’t I?).


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Regain Space After Update in Windows 10 [Tweak]

Let me get it straight. Either you were excited for the Windows 10 anniversary update or it was forced upon your PC like the Windows 10 upgrade nag-ware that we saw a whole year on our Windows 7 and 8. But boy is your C: filled up after the update. The problem is general when we install a new Windows OS without actually cleaning out the old files. But removing it isn’t as simple as deleting your ex’s photographs when moving to a new relationship. To give some breathing space to your drives follow these steps to delete temporary files (windows.old) without a hiccup.

1. Open settings on your PC, you will find this option in your start menu.

Regain Space After Windows 10 Update 1

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Two Dots [APP]

Ratings- 4 Ketchups

While the world is busy chasing after pokemons, I’ve got somethings for the Windows Phone users sitting idle at home, just regular good old puzzle game with easy to understand gameplay but difficult to master. You’ve got to connect two or more same colored dots. Haters will say the idea is copied but I find it quite relaxing to kill time when on my windows device. Also some nifty power ups are tagged along in this hot n sweet game. Watch out for those cheesy loading captions and tough challenges. Without a doubt, this game is also available on other platforms too, in case you’re wondering. Give it a try and tell me your thoughts on it.

Links :

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Create A Bootable Flash Drive Using Command Prompt [Tweak]

Life gives you a hard time when you have to create a bootable flash drive and you don’t have any of the tools available or, you have it but the OS available isn’t in .iso format which is often required by softwares. No worries, Kernel Ketchup comes to your rescue giving you a step by step procedure of creating a bootable pen drive without using any third-party software.
1. Open the RUN command dialog box by pressing Window button+R.

2. Type DISKPART and press enter, also accept the User Account Control Prompt. i.e. click on yes (or touch; in case you’re a Richie Rich)
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Enable God Mode In Windows [Tweak]

If you came here thinking this will give your PC miraculous power or will make your PC invincible to malware then sorry for crushing your hopes. This hidden feature of Windows will enable a compilation of 233 settings all at one place for your playtime. Don’t blame me if you mess up something.

God Mode Kernel Ketchup

Just do the steps listed below and you’re good to go:

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How to Upgrade to Official Windows 10 on Lumia Phones

Calling out all the Windows Phone users around the globe. There has been enough hoopla around the web for about past 4 months regarding the update for older Lumia Phones. But since you are here regarding this; it only means one thing, shit just got real. Yeah, after being tight-lipped about the update Microsoft silently released the windows 10 update. To download the update follow these steps:

For Phones Running Windows Phone 8.1

1. To make sure the update is available for your phone, download the app ‘Upgrade Advisor’ from the store.

2. Follow the steps as shown in the screenshot below. Remember to check the box which is mentioned as ‘Enable Windows 10 update’.

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