Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) [Movie]

Finally Barry celebrates Mother’s Day!

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox Poster HD Kernel Ketchup

While we’re waiting for The Flash’s Season 3 to happen, here is a little hint of what’s probably going to happen- “Flashpoint”. For the newcomers who are unfamiliar with this word, lean back and read thoroughly. Flashpoint was a comic book crossover in 2011 by DC comics. The arc is based upon the flash having no powers at all and no such term as the Justice League existed and Nora Allen (Barry’s mother) is alive. Whoa! I know.
Based on the same, DC released an animated superhero movie around 3 years ago in this timeline 😉 . In the opening flashback sequence of the movie we see the little Barry Allen with his mother and the tragic accident that happened. And after flash forward (pun intended) we get to witness the rouge gallery of the flash and the justice league as we knew, taking them head on. But then the next thing we know is there is no flash in central city or anywhere else, just simple plain old Barry Allen and as a surprise his mother is still alive. The movie takes a high road when we witness Barry Allen in the Batcave. And also the war going on between the Amazons and the Atlantean is a big issue with no whereabouts of Superman. That’s it, the more you know the less fun it gets. The story writing by Geoff Johns is incredible, the little details that he has attended, adds to the making of this epic animation superhero flick. Honestly of all the Justice League movies, this stands top. The CW’s Flash has left us hanging in the middle, wondering what will happen after what Barry did in the last episode, this movie might give you a hunch where the season 3 would be heading. At last, it’s a must watch if you’re a fan of Justice league, DC, The Flash, or you love time travel or Aquaman’s wife, this movie has it all. All in all if you exist on this earth, have your eyes a look at it, I’m sure you’ll be thanking me later. And on a different note, if you are from different earth, Run Barry Run!

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