Jay Foreman – Pretend You’re Happy [Music]

Don McLean – American Pie [Music]

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Make Your Own Music [Tweak][App]

If you’re like me you might require soft background music for your day to day tasks, be it studying, coding, cooking or even sleeping. Of course our saviour Chilled Cow is always there with its constant 24×7 lofi hip hop music supply. But there are times when it also leaves you for wanting more and that’s why I’m sharing A Soft Murmur. This website/project/app from Gabriel Brady allows you pick a wide variety of ambient sounds and play them to your liking. Click below for the links to the website and respective apps.

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Taba Chake – Walk With Me [Music]

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Gotye – State Of The Art [Music]

The Bee Gees- Run To Me [Music]

Jack Johnson – Flake [Music]

Elliott Smith- Baby Britain [Music]

David Gray – Be Mine [Music]

John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare [Music]