Having a tough time deciding what to do? Here comes Kernel Ketchup to the rescue. It’s your nerd friend you always dreamed of.

Kernel Ketchup is a virtual motherboard integrating all your Superhero fandoms, Tech curiosities, Mind bending movies, TV Series worth your time, Games you should be playing, Apps suggestions and Music for your eargasm.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. What a creative name you have. You must like ketchup, or is it a play on words for catch-up, as in catching up with what we might have missed that you’re bringing to our attention here? Or, I’m just overthinking it. Yeah, that’s it. Kernel Ketchup is just a good combo. Thanks for visiting and the follow.

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  2. Thank You for the kind words. I do like ketchup but that has nothing to do here. lol. I didn’t overthink about the name, it came up after brainstorming with a friend.



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