Two Dots [APP]

Ratings- 4 Ketchups

While the world is busy chasing after pokemons, I’ve got somethings for the Windows Phone users sitting idle at home, just regular good old puzzle game with easy to understand gameplay but difficult to master. You’ve got to connect two or more same colored dots. Haters will say the idea is copied but I find it quite relaxing to kill time when on my windows device. Also some nifty power ups are tagged along in this hot n sweet game. Watch out for those cheesy loading captions and tough challenges. Without a doubt, this game is also available on other platforms too, in case you’re wondering. Give it a try and tell me your thoughts on it.

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Atomas [APP]

Rating-4 Ketchups

Don’t continue scrolling because it sounds nerdy and brain racking. In fact, it’s an interesting puzzle game and a lot of fun to play. Motive of the game is to make a new element by fusing two or more elements. All you’ve to do is don’t let the ring overfill. It’s easy to learn and will keep you busy, especially if you’re a chemist. There are 4 game modes available and also by creating new elements you can unlock new stuff.

Disclaimer: Don’t trust atoms, I heard they make up everything.

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How to Upgrade to Official Windows 10 on Lumia Phones

Calling out all the Windows Phone users around the globe. There has been enough hoopla around the web for about past 4 months regarding the update for older Lumia Phones. But since you are here regarding this; it only means one thing, shit just got real. Yeah, after being tight-lipped about the update Microsoft silently released the windows 10 update. To download the update follow these steps:

For Phones Running Windows Phone 8.1

1. To make sure the update is available for your phone, download the app ‘Upgrade Advisor’ from the store.

2. Follow the steps as shown in the screenshot below. Remember to check the box which is mentioned as ‘Enable Windows 10 update’.

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Onefootball – Pure Soccer![APP]

Rating-4.5 Ketchups

Being a football fan in different time zone is tough. You’ve to stay up till mid night or wake up early morning to catch a match and its hard to keep record of upcoming matches and live scores. Worry no more my friend coz this app is all you need. Everything happening in the football world is right on your fingertips. Highlighting features of this app are live scores, live commentary, upcoming matches line up, news,  push notification when match begins, all leagues table and much more.

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