How To Use Keyboard As Mouse? [Tweak]

In a rare case or maybe just for fun, if you want to know how you can use your keyboard to control the cursor then follow these steps :

1.      Open Control Panel.

Keyboard Mouse 1

 2.       Select “Ease of Access” and again select it in next screen.

 3.       In the next screen select “Make the keyboard easier to use”

Keyboard Mouse 2

 4.        In the next screen tick mark “Turn on Mouse Keys”

Keyboard Mouse 3

  5.       That’s it ! If you want to customize further Select “Set Up Mouse Keys”

Keyboard Mouse 4

 6.       You can toggle it on or off by keyboard shortcut [left ALT + left SHIFT + NUM LOCK] after tick marking the Keyboard Shortcut ON. Also you can change Top Speed and Acceleration (I suggest to keep them at Max).

Note: You’ve to use Numeric Keypad to move the cursor and not the Arrow Keys.

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